Fonpelli is Responsible Leather

A new look for new leather: Fonpelli means Responsible Leather

Fonpelli is a constantly evolving company: it was founded in the 1980s and in the last ten years it has embarked on a tireless quest to improve and grow. 2020 has been a tough year for everyone and it is hard to even start contemplating the future, but thanks to our innate determination to stay fresh we have decided to change our look and our logo

Why have we redesigned our logo?

There is much more behind the decision than the need to have an image that reflects the constant drive for innovation at the heart of our approach to work. A designer logo can be very attractive, but it needs to do more than just look stylish. We believe that the design must also serve a purpose: it must convey the idea that the times are changing and we are playing a part in this process, with ongoing interaction between the company and the outside world. Our new image must encapsulate our awareness and dedication to environmental sustainability. This is our policy and our essence. It applies on all fronts: we selected our cutting-edge machinery as part of our ceaseless efforts to enhance our environmental performance. Therefore, it is only logical for us to espouse the issues of responsibility and sustainability.


The fine line between responsibility and sustainability

We have always been devoted to assessing and reducing the environmental impact of industrial tanning processes. During sustainability assessments in the tanning industry, it is essential to bear in mind that the business model is a hugely successful example of a circular economy: waste from the food industry is recovered and made into a prized material, which is subsequently used in a vast range of consumer goods. Sustainability and responsibility are often used interchangeably, almost as if they were synonyms. This is not actually the case, although responsible consumption encompasses a number of aspects that are correlated with sustainability, including making carefully considered lifestyle choices and using resources as efficiently as possible over time.

“Responsible seems to us the apt, more modest word to use while we walk the path that, we hope, leads to a place where business takes no more from nature than what it can replace.”

(from “The Responsible Company” by Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia).

This outlook is the cornerstone of our “Responsible Leather” tag line. Environmental sustainability is one of our biggest aspirations and it is an area in which we believe we are second to none in our industry. Nonetheless, being a responsible business also means showing great care, attention and regard for every aspect, environment, person and company that we encounter in our work. It means taking into consideration all stakeholders and ensuring that they benefit from the positive impacts of our decisions, in terms of better environmental and living standards. After all, we truly cherish not only our work and our business, but also – and most importantly – our world and our future.

Responsible Leather: think of tomorrow, today.