Traceability means being responsible

Fonpelli’s Responsible Leather philosophy is declined in many ways, but one of them is transparency. One of the core pillars of sustainability and transparency in the fashion and furniture world is traceability. The traceability of our leather is guaranteed both internally and upstream along the supply chain, thanks to both specific IT and digital technologies and strong partnerships with our suppliers.

Thanks to ICEC we have been able to demonstrate our efforts and processes through related certifications: Determination of the origin of leather production UNI EN 16484:2015, Raw Material Traceability ICEC TS SC 410 and ICEC TS PC 412, Ethic Claim UNI ISO/TS 17033:2020.

These certifications prove that our leather production is Made in Italy, that all our hides are recovered from the food chain, and an average excellent traceability degree back to the breeding farm locations. Even the hides of South America origin are totally traced and follow the DCFL policy – Deforestation and Conversion Free Leather, a policy compiled by ICEC and NWF – National Wildlife Federation, which proves that our leather does not come from bovines raised in deforestation places, such as Amazonia.

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