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To be a responsible, conscientious company with an approach to business that combines dedication and care for the environment and the people who come into contact with our output, with a pledge to make high-quality, reliable and eco-friendly products.

Our history

History, passion and research: our leather

Fonpelli was founded in 1984 by Giuliano Fochesato. It is based in Arzignano in the heart of the Chiampo Valley, which is famous for its internationally renowned tanning district.
From the very beginning, Giuliano made the most of his significant technical tanning expertise and his extremely entrepreneurial spirit. Giuliano’s children Marzia and Wladjmir began working alongside him at the growing company in the late 1980s and they now run it themselves. In mid 2021, the third generation enters the company after years spent in some foreign international companies.


Over the course of more than 30 years in the leather market, Fonpelli has become a specialist player in the fields of fashion and furnishings. We are constantly expanding our range of products and we can now also offer the Fonpelli Fast prompt leather delivery service.

Our dedication to technological innovation in our field, recruiting specialist staff and tirelessly searching for sustainable solutions has made Fonpelli one of the cornerstones of the tanning industry.


Fonpelli has made regular investments in Italy over the years. It has an edge over its rivals thanks to in-house investments and acquisitions that have provided it with the capability to carry out all of the most important and strategic leather processing techniques.

Taking this approach to business means that we face new challenges every day, but our determination to be a responsible, transparent and cutting-edge company is an integral part of the Fonpelli identity.

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Our strengths


The aim behind our production approach is to cater to a vast range of style and price needs, while ensuring that quality is guaranteed throughout the manufacturing process.


We always do our utmost to manufacture with care, while reducing the impact of our processes and raising awareness. We keep the world around us in mind with every investment that we make. Responsible Leather is our hallmark.



Leather manufacturing is a trade that is steeped in tradition, but our strength lies first and foremost in our drive for innovation. Consequently, we push beyond the established boundaries and envisage new directions for leather, by taking measures such as selecting cutting-edge Industry 4.0 machinery and dynamic, highly qualified staff.

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Fonpelli Fast

Fonpelli Fast is a prompt, innovative leather delivery service. We can offer a vast selection of products and colours, with no minimum order quantity and deliveries that are extremely fast!

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